About Us

OwnerEntry.com began servicing For-Sale-By-Owner's in 2004 providing Flat Fee MLS Listings (aka For-Sale-By-Owner MLS Listings). For most of our successful history proudly serving the by-owner marketplace we have been known as SoldOnMLS.com

In 2017 the decision was made to introduce a new all encompassing brand to the by-owner marketplace, and as importantly to those prospective buyers looking to connect directly with homeowners (read on and you'll understand how and why). While we loved operating and servicing our clients under the SoldOnMLS name, the reasons to launch this new brand really were all about you!

In fact everything we ever do is always all about the For-Sale-By-Owner client. Each and every day we ask; how can we improve on our client value proposition? How can we better position our clients for optimal success. One thing we know for sure is that the dynamics of marketing by-owner properties today are quite different than they were when we started in 2004. For example, when we began operations; Zillow, Trulia and Redfin did not exist. We point this out to illustrate the primary reason for this branding shift; as this will really tell you everything you need to know about us :-)

The MLS today represents so much more value to home-sellers than it did over a decade ago. It is so much more powerful than it was back then (and it was indeed the most powerful tool then as well). It's more powerful now because it has literally evolved into the only conduit or entry-way to literally thousands of online household name portals where millions upon millions of prospective buyers spend all of their time when they're seriously looking to buy. The billions of dollars spent annually to build up, promote and advertise these online brands that advertise listings serve to attract a constantly increasing visitor count on all of these public sites and mobile apps. 

Continued innovation serves to improve the overall buyer experience serving to drive buyer participation utilizing these home buyer search tools. These precious spaces on the screens of your laptop, tablet and smart phone are literally the most expensive real estate in the world today - and it is a fact that the flat fee MLS listing is now more powerful than it ever has been before for sellers to successfully sell their property and obtain the highest dollar amount any market will bear, as it is the sole means for owner entry to this incredible universe flooded with ready, willing and able buyers. And when the thousands of prospective buyer's see your home on any one of the endless sites it will be visible on; whether it's a big name site, a regional site, a large or small brokerage site or even a daily automatic email, they will all know that your listing is in fact an OWNER ENTRY!

Again, it's all about you; increasing your likelihood for optimal success.  That's what we've always been all about and that's what we will continue to deliver - optimal success for our For-Sale-By-Owner clients!!

Call or email our office anytime with questions, comments or if we can help get you started on your way to successfully selling your home for top dollar while keeping the maximum amount of your home equity!

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