In every real estate transaction there’s a home seller and a home buyer. In most cases there are two real estate brokers or agents involved in a transaction, one representing the seller with the other representing the buyer. The home seller contracts with a "listing broker"; that listing broker lists the sellers property in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). The buyer's broker would "traditionally" indentify properties for their buyer to view. Today, of course, buyer's have direct access to the MLS though sydication by accessing the countless consumer facing real estate search sites; so in many cases they actually find homes they're interested in looking at on their own, without any assistance from a buyers broker.

The Listing Broker (working on behalf of the seller) is paid a commission, by the seller, upon completing the successful sale of their property. The total commission paid by the seller is typically 5-6% of the homes selling price. The listing broker offers a portion of that commission (typically half) to the buyer's broker. Quite obviously, the commission paid by the seller is a substantial amount of money; if you sold your home for $300,000 with a 5% total commission, that's a $15,000 transaction cost at the closing table.

For some people, traditional representation makes sense and they believe the value is there for the services they receive. For other's this is viewed as a high and unnecessary cost that would be deducted straight off the selling price of their home. Neither view is right or wrong; it all depends on the individual and their respective circumstances. was created to serve the needs of home sellers who choose to save on the transaction cost associated with traditional real estate brokerage. 


In a nutshell, our flat fee MLS listing service lets you cut the Listing Broker's commission out of the transaction completely. You may still pay a buyer’s broker a commission (if you accept an offer from a buyer that is represented by a broker, and you determine the amount you want to offer to buyer's agents), but the listing broker ( simply gets a small flat fee up front rather than a percentage of the selling price of the home. If you happen to sell to a buyer that is not represented by a broker, then you pay no commission whatsoever. is committed to becoming the by-owner's premiere provider of essential real estate services. With our service, you get all the benefits and exposure of an MLS listing and then some; and in the process you save thousands of dollars when you sell your property.


When you decide to list your property through our service, you will simply choose your package which can be done on the home page of the site (Silver, Gold or Platinum). From there you simply point and click your way through an easy property registration process.

Through the online property registration process you will provide us with your billing address, telephone numbers and email address. We’ll collect necessary information about the property you're listing via an easy to use online form; we will also collect your one time payment. Once you have completed thie quick and easy submission process, your listing will go live on the MLS within one business day. Within roughly an hour from activation your listing will be visible via syndication on all the public facing consumer sites; Zillow (main page!),, Homes, Homesnap etc, as well as all the real estate brokerage sites and regional real estate portals. Your listing will literally be everywhere where buyers are looking!

You are also welcome to contact our office directly if you have questions or require any assistance completing your order.
You may contact us directly at (617) 542-9300


Your listing will appear on and many other real estate sites within about an hour of going live on the MLS; some of these sites include, but are not limited to Zillow, Trulia, Homes, Homefinder,; not to mention the thousands of brokerage and agent sites where prospective buyers search; sites like Redfin, REMAX, NEmoves, Raveis, KW etc. We do not put any limits whatsoever on the amount of exposure your home will have online, in fact we proactively push your listing out to as many other consumer search portals as possible. While we cannot control how your listing may or may not appear on many third party sites, we absolutely ensure that your property will receive the maximum amount of exposure that all of these bonus and/or MLS syndicated sites will allow.